Yuvenis Lipo

Style: 1 Box (5 Vials x 10mL)
Sale price$164.85


[Packing Unit] 10mL X 5 Vials

[Composition] Lipolytic Solution

[Purpose of use] Removal of excess fat, helps achieve a firm and smooth look.

[Storage] Room temperature (1~30°C)


Non-surgical fat removal injection therapy. 


YUVENIS Lipo is a liquid solution, used for removal of excess fat. Yuvenis Lipo helps patients achieve a firm and smooth look, after burning away those troublesome areas.


This minimal pain, maximum effect solution includes natural extracts, collagen, vitamin b2 and can be administered into the chin, abdomen, love handles, upper arm and thigh.




1. Use 10~30mL syringe to draw the solution from vial

2. Shake syringe to mix the blend

3. Inject into fat with 1 to 1.5cm intervals between points.

4. Face: Inject 0.5 to 1mL per point / Body: Inject 1 to 3mL per point

5. Inject according to the following regions

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