Accunex (Isotretinoin) Caps

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Ingredients and Dosage:

Isotretinoin (USP) 10mg





Packing Unit:

100 Soft Caps per box

80 boxes per master carton


On-Label Usage (MFDS / KFDA Standard):

Serious acne (nodose, cystic, conglobate) not treated by other treatments, especially cystic and conglobate acne that are related to soma lesion.


Also commonly used for:

Treatment for Acne



Light-resistant air-tight container, room temperature (1~30°C)


Why choose Accunex as acne treatment?

Accunex is made according to the strict guidelines of MFDS (formerly KFDA). Its main ingredient, isotretinoin is the most powerful ingredient when it comes to Acne treatments. Isotretinoin is used by doctors worldwide to treat any type of acne from light to severe symptoms. Under proper administration, isotretinoin cures all acne in 3-4 months.

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